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Life of the MAD PIMP....ahem, sorta
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Monday, February 6th, 2006
9:40 pm
Lay like broccolli.....
Holy Crap....it's monday and i'm bored out of my skull with no job to attend tomorrow.....if anything hot is happening now...no, wait, NOW...then get in touch with your neighborhood cakes


Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
4:57 am
...and vinegar....
a really very attractive woman just walked out of my room...i didn't do it, swear.....que sera....well, piss
Friday, July 1st, 2005
4:37 am
and we're down to this.....
ahhhhhh, rice and butter quenches me (do you believe i had to say quench instead of sate (SP?) because i didn't know the spelling?)...anyhow, the rice/butter phenomenon is as good as it gets....this is the meca that religion hes so touted....i have seen the rock of gibralter (SP?) and it is wholesome...................this just in, i'm also mad off my gourd...less to follow


_Cakes -out
Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
6:52 pm
Ok, this is a little unsettling...
So, I take one of those silly "what age are you tests", cause i'm bored and need input....and i get this:

You Are 27 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

what kinda cruel meanie is that.....I AM 27....I dunno if this means i liveing up to exact specs for 27 or what....i wonder if this thing has all variables or if 27 was the "late-20's" age that someone made up.....either way i find it unsettling

-Cakes out
Saturday, June 25th, 2005
4:07 am
And so I come....bfrom beyond said grave and so forth...
so here I sit, unable to sleep, unable to rest......there is no napping for the wicked....call me if y'all feel so inclinened...i could use company

Thursday, May 19th, 2005
4:44 pm
This isn't what the damn thing's for but....
I decided to put a halt to my long string of non-posting...not to tell you anything that's been going on in my life or anything, but instead to find out if anyone wants to be in it...short version: i'm feelin the need to go out or somethin tonight...so if anyones down with that, gimme a ring or an e-mail or what-the-hell-ever type of communication



Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
4:31 am
GOOD MORNING....and all that jazz
aahhhhhhh, it's early morning, can't you smell it.....mmmmmmm....the flavor....anyways....tonight, i was a total fuck-ass...and that's a liberal term...I missed all the beautiful things in front of my face and I played it safe...and THAT was stupid of me....I mean, what else am I here for at the moment, than to live in said piece of space/time...I'm gonna hold my tougue now...there's a paragraph that you guys don't get...I wrote it, but i don't feel like actually telling you what it was cause i'm a cock-ass....as iterated before

good night, and I'm sorry,

Monday, January 3rd, 2005
6:52 am
well well, lookit what the bloated drunk corpulent new years baby brought in...
ok, so i'm trying to post into this thing more as my time's being spent in less productive ways anyhow....but this one's just a short one

a) thanx to all the peeps that came out to see me on new years...we didn't break any recoords but, DAMN, you guys are locked in for hot prizes or something :)

b) if anyone that did come lost a pair o gloves...we got em...please provide a description and we'll give them back without doing something horrible inside them



Current Mood: nappish
Friday, December 31st, 2004
3:18 pm
In case I forgot to mention....
If you're reading this right now (you know who you are...i assume anyways...wait, you are YOU, right?) then you're among the hard core Cakes fans...the ones who never kicked me off the friend list no matter how infrequently i post shite in here...or you just forgot i was on there because i never post any shite...either way, you get to be the getters of news type stuff....WE'RE HAVING A PARTY...tonight, i know i know, it's short notice but we're doin it anyways...acctually we've had it in the works for a couple weeks and i just never really got around to mentioning it...but we are, really, no joke, would i kid you?...so that's what's hot tonight...and you all better show up despite the fact that i never told you...if you need any extra info (directions, guest list, what you should bring me for my lacy things collection) then just ring me on my cell...oh yeah, i also got a cell :) 413-626-7337

let's get it on people



Current Mood: cleaning prep
Friday, September 3rd, 2004
6:16 am
so.......and then other
so i just spent time time in the god strain......damn, she was so nice it makes me feel wierd.....i really want to know her more, please gimme.............Cakes

Thursday, August 19th, 2004
4:16 pm
Just a heads up to y'all
ok, first of all, i LOVE saying y'all....just heard a chat last night at autunmlaghing's house about it and decided that it's now written in stone....it rules

But anyhow.....the real reason i'm rambling to all y'all once again is that the time has come to break down and boogie.....that's right....it's a celebration bitches....mainly


we'll be grooving for as many birthdays this month as ever

we got: Paprika
Katimus Rex
Senior Ales (as in the multiple of beer)
and without doubt...The Cakes

and new this year (if they show up):

Roberto...a new arrival but more than a decent chappie
Erin-Go-Braugh...the tiny blond orange juice heiress

and in a seemingly non-Leo move (his B-day is right after the mark and he's too damn lazy to have his own party):

Reverend Ryan (aka Johnny) Freeze

so show the hell up at my place in NoHo this Sat at Classical party time and say hi to all the birthday peoples


P.S. - if i missed any other leo's i'm the sorriest of sorry, be aware that i suck at the memory thing and you will be celebrated no matter what the fuck i think

Double P.S. - if you need directions to the joint then gimme some comments, or e-mail, or call, or send pigeons, or a runner, or a note on an arrow that lands at my feet, or registered letter, or musical monkeys on my door, or.......you get the point
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
4:59 am
OK.......So, I'm on fire,......AND!!!!
holy god....i come to you filled with apathy and all the stuff that i know all you down asses know is tasty...ok, so that's kinda lying in the facet that nothing is tasty in the wrong get go-...........please give me creedo or my face won't be worth spit to the russian mafia.....they're after me for what i'm gonna tell you....the whole thing is in your head, i know it now and they're afraid of what i have...but that's fine by me...i couldn't be happier...this way they'll never know what i'm really doing.....that's right boys and girls.........I am (officially) insane, once again, and coming to you from a dark hole deep in the andes moutains....please please bring recognition, despite my madness..................that has to be all for now......more to come..........they won't stop following me.....i can't get away......help


_Cakes.....as in the Timmy sort
Tuesday, July 13th, 2004
4:10 am
Holy shit on a shingle shaped like me
well then........after last post i got some love (gimme the fuckin woo-hoo fools) so i have opted to go on posting (despite my inner self loving) and give you all the new skinny ..... on to the news....we got a new housemate (gimme the woo-hoo's now, and i do mean now) so we will continue to come at you from our current location.... in other news, J-mo to the Izo is going away on vacation as of wednesday for 2 weeks, and i am gonna FLIP OUT, if I can't hang out with someone in this giant-ass 4-bedrrom house by myself, so.....1) anyone who feels like dropping by to be WHATEVER is welcome, and 2) I will most likely throw a party in the next 2 weeks , so keep in touch all you heathens.....cause i'm takin the kiddie gloves off this time....we're gonna break shit up in this piece....when I know, y'all will know....just please come visit or i'll freak out in this big house....untill later (or maybe even later than that)

No man ever looked in your basket till he's looked at your eggs - (this is all shit)

Monday, July 12th, 2004
2:33 am
It's been a long time since we rock and rolled.....c'mon c'mon c'mon
Wow, i was just browsing my friend's journals when i noticed i haven't written anything in this bastard for years....so i figure i'll drop in some shite just so people don't think I'm dead (and just in case this goes in-active for lack of use, don't wanna lose the free shit). So, let's see then.....what's been goin on.....well, at the moment i'm still officially unemployed, and that's all bad and shit, but with a little luck and some nepotism, maybe i'll gert another of those job things someday. My roommate, J-mo to the Izo and I just signed our new lease which means another year of meow jokes and drunk questions games, should be all good....and catherine is moving in next month (friend of J-mo's who's just the bee's knees), so that should be swank-tastic....and we're lookin to this guy named Micah to take the last slot (i hope, he seems mad chills with our ways). I'm going to see Dave Mathews again this weekend with Kate-rock, I know I know, you all hate and/or are indifferent about him, but i like the man, danmit, so nyah. hmmmmm, this is a pretty small post for 2 years in the making but whatever, just getting back into the swing of this I guess. More to come when I make some shit up.

Long live the giant cock from Crispy Creme

Sunday, October 6th, 2002
4:42 am
onomonopia = rrrrargh
ok, so here i sit, stirring in my own juices....some may say, o my god, the unhealth....to those i say, fuck you on a biscuit, ahhhhh, the bitterness sets...unable to be mitigated....unable to be toppled by the best of regimes....army green is no safe bet...hellz yeah...so here i sit....alone with my complimentary bottle of chambord (raspberry liquor, for all you heathens) thinking of the time when we break free...and a thought has struck.....so much casual fucking and so little time to make sense of it....i need to stop....not that today is the day....heavens no, if it were then you'd be getting a happier post, to be certain...this is the no-good-not-laid post on the mic...to those concerned...i think alcoholism is on the verge, if only pot was free, then i could move outside the circle freely....ahhhhhh, for the freedom of it...

one girl told me once..."i read his journal, and in real life he's incomprehensible (sp) but his journal has too much poetry for one hand" (paraphrase, with style)...she was talking about what i want to be....one day i'll hit that mark...a man once said to me "damn son, your words are tight shit" and i didn't believe him....what was i thinking....if anyone dug my lyrics then i would be in like flynn...but i thought they were just humoring me...i should have probed (sp) deeper...if only i'd thought longer...deeper...with friendship in mind.....i would have stuck it out till the end, instead of till the graduation....i would have followed longer, stronger...pardon the alliteration (sp) folks...hell with that...pardon my grammar in general...damn i miss that band...that was the only place i could let loose...even after it was kaput, i have nothing but a deep desire to go on, hence G-Force....not that that was a waste....the furthest from...that was merely a different branch on the tree...little, yellow, different, but not better....equal...i had as much need for that as anything....the need to be silly and to entertain is overwhelming (swig on the round bottle) despite the urge to deck everyone who laughs....i'm sick of being the funny-man...now i wanna be the man everyone is scared of laughing at...cause i'd eat your souls for it....don't forget it boss, we own many souls, in a shared enterprise....i'll never forget that....argh...now i'm rambling...forget it...ignore this post at your own sanity level as dictated by your psyche...and never forget the Tweak/G-Force power that was once wielded by many....damn i miss having an outlet


Current Mood: broken down-see through soul
Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002
3:16 am
getting the hair brushed....woooooo
ok, so the alanis is on and the morrisette breaks out through thedin...... bring the bring, wooo-ha!!!!!! bring the cock-block, even alister style......no one knows the trouble i seen...no body knows but jesus

this is sarah...too many people in the room....roomates what!

so, anyways, i'm talkin and whatever......bring the noise....those near and dear know the score.....argh....more to come


Current Mood: my biscuits are burnin
Tuesday, September 24th, 2002
3:23 pm
well, we'll see
ok, so i'm walkin to the store to get smokes....and on the way back i see that i'm walkin alone up the street just behind a guy, pretty normal lookin college type kid, about 10 feet back...no cars or people anywhere...and by chance i recalled the 242 lyric we all know....so i crunched the numbers...as follows:

1) you lock the target:

ok, well that was easy....he's the guy right in front of me on the empty street...silly....good first step but it should be obvious...242 musta put it in to have 4 rules

2) you bait the line:

now i see that the guy is smoking...i'm a smoker, so here's what i'm thinkin...my driveway is comin up...it's totally surrounded by hedges and stuff....you can't see in unless you're directly in front of it....so i'll get 4 feet or so behind him and throw a ciggy in the driveway in front of him...now to smokers there are many levels...but the shape of a cigg always registers in our brains instantly...it must be chemical, or pavlovian...so i'm hopin to at least distract him, and if he's a hardcore smoker, maybe down on cash, he might just go for it, then i got em in a secure location...we shall see

3) you slowly spread the net

fuck.....i don't have a net...this is bad...oh well, my wallet chains make good garrets...i'll have to play it by ear

4) you catch the man

well, of course i did not follow my plan...i had just gotten up and was still nappish, and i hadn't showered yet so i felt a little icky...besides...i wasn't gonna waste one of my smokes....i'm poor and i'm a pretty good smoker....this plan would work well on me, i think i would just dive after the smoke and timmy_cakes gets pinched of all his valuables

so the question is this...am i a bad guy for even forming this plan...never, i'm pretty sure some of my friends have stuff like this going through their heads all the time, and they're good peeps...i guess i just had to share my plans for world domination with someone...don't tell anyone else though, k?


Current Mood: potentialfelonistico
Monday, September 23rd, 2002
2:48 pm
so that worked wicked good
yeah that's right, i said wicked....i love new england slang....i think there's no where else on earth that my idiotic lingo would be taken seriously in any way....not that wicked is all me or anything, just made me think of that....argh...forgot why that was my subject line now....damn my silly brain and all the crazy little marmets inside making the wheels spin...but now i have a new topic anyways....it takes a lot of the balls to say this but i'm just going to let it fly "hi, my name is Timmy_Cakes, and i'm a closet alanis morrisetts fan"....ok not so closeted perhaps but all the same....i just love this crazy bitch to death, she so cute and mean, i wish she would write a song about me....it would be very short and go somethin like this..."hey do you know timmy_cakes, well i do, and i cut his balls off for being slightly odd"...then she'd do some of that funny warbling she does and i'd buy the album...let's observe a few reasons to enjoy the female

1) she's a brunette (ok, so the red is my fav, but at least she's not fukin blonde)
2) she's canadian...who doesn't love that precious land to the north, they gave us K.I.T.H. and the word "aboot", they also have mounties and more moose per sq mile than people...lovely
3) she seems to have some serious problems in general...those who know me know that i love the girls with the serious chemical imbalances...it's not my fault i'm just drawn this way
and finally 4) she made it big in a pop career for a while without being on the fuckin mickey mouse club first...if i see one more behind the music that starts with the artist agonizing about getting screen time with the mouse i'm gonna shit sharp, ragged, irregular diamonds, and yes it will hurt a lot, oh so lots

but now i'm off to do something geeky on the box, i'll figure out what when i have some time to click more button.....ooooooh, button, you look so nice, so smooth, so purposeful, i'm gonna push you all night
.....oh, then work, bleh


Current Mood: indescribable
Sunday, September 22nd, 2002
5:19 am
ok, as a final note for the evening.....i felt like having some friends.....so i simply added some......i live wioth some....other i love like family....some are both...damn, it's great to just add some names and have some friends all of a sudden....life should be like this

-out (for real this time)

Current Mood: argh...don't ask again
5:03 am
fuck, i'm way too mopey
just so the day's post isn't a total waste of space and joy.....i did get to sing with meg lee chin tonight....that was the high point of whole farkin millenium....night


Current Mood: just pretend you know
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